The Oil

In Psalm 45:7-8 we read that God anions Jesus with the oil of joy.

In Psalm 45:7-8 we read that God anions Jesus with the oil of joy.  In the New Testament it is confirmed in Hebrews 1:8. Jesus proclaims in Isaiah 61:1-3 that He has come to set the captives free and bind up the broken hearted. In verse 3 He continues to say that He will give them beauty for ashes the oil of joy for mourning.

The Oil of Joy Consist of:

Olive Oil – We know that Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane, praying and crying to His Father, before He was crucified and crushed for our sins. Gethsemane means ‘oil press’ where the olive have to be crushed and broken for the oil to flow. Jesus was bruised and crushed, just like the olives, so that we can experience the freedom that His blood paid for. The olive oil is symbolic of the Holy Spirit whom Jesus sent to break the yoke of bondage and to set us free. The olive oil forms the basis of the oil and again shows that we can do nothing without the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The more we are pressed and bruised, the more oil must flow from us and the stronger the anointing must flow through us.


This plant is described as a hardy plant and only produces oil after 30 years. It also has to be cut and sliced for the oil to flow. Jesus’ ministry started at the age of 30 and He was torn apart for our transgressions.


The Hebrew meaning for Myrrh is ‘mar’ to be grieved or bitter. The fragrance is sweet, but the taste is bitter, which reminds us of the bitter price that Jesus ad to pay for our sins. The stem of his plant must also be deliberately bruised and wounded in order for the precious resin to ooze out and form hardened teardroplets which when dry is red in colour, symbolizing the blood of Jesus.


A tree that grows at great heights, with a purple flower and the head of the flower hangs down as a symbol of humility. Jesus humbled Himself to the point of death and wants us against pride. The leaves are stripped and the back is ground to power. Again, it is symbolic of the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ.

Why and When to use Biblical Fragrant Oil Today:

  • As an act of consecration and dedication a setting apart for special purpose in God’s kingdom. House structure, articles of worship, clothing and people can be anointed as a sign of consecration to God. Consider anointing yourself every morning praying scriptures over your mind, heart, ears, eyes, hands and feet. It WILL change your day!
  • As the Priests of the home, husbands are encouraged to anoint their wives and children for consecration, protection, peace, pronouncing a blessing as did the Fathers of Old!
  • As a preparation to Bible study, devotional time, fasting, praise and worship.
  • In a time of sickness, fear, anxiety, oppression of the enemy and of mourning, ALSO in foot-washing ceremonies.
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The Oil of Joy

Our prayer for you is to realize that God knew what Jesus would have to endure for us and that He, Jesus already carried all our pain, tears, humiliation so that we may have life and life more abundantly. This oil is only a symbol of the presence of the Holy Spirit, so anoint each other in the knowledge that the Holy Spirit is always with you, more so in the difficult times.

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