Prayer Shawls

The tallit was and is an integral part of the Jewish Faith

The Prayer Shawl

The tallit was and is an integral part of the Jewish Faith from which our own faith was born. It contains meaning and symbolism especially in the knotted tassels (Tzitzit) on its four corners (Kanaph, wings). To Jews and to anyone with understanding these knotted tassels God’s name, God’s Wod and God’s Power.

Tallit (or talith) contains two Hebrew words. “Tal” meaning “tent” and “ith” meaning “little”. Thus, tallit means “little tent”.

Tzitzit has 5 knots and 8 strings.

Between each knot there are different number of windings. KNOT-7-KNOT-8-KNOT-11-KNOT-13.7+8+11=26=YHVH.

13 Gematria of the word “Echad” – ONE.

Thus each corner has the same powerful statement – God is ONE.

Why would a Christian use a prayer shawl

Do you remember when you where a child when everything is bigger than you but you are safely wrapped in a blanket in your Father’s arms, and when you and your best friend builds a tent (a secret place) to hide away from the world. The prayer shawl captures this feeling.

Using the prayer shawl is to set aside private time with God. Coming to Him in prayer and to focus fully on Him, totally separated from worldly distractions. Under the tallit we can find a secret chamber where we can be moved from the where we can be moved from the mundane of life into closer relationship with God.

Tabernacle Prayer Ministry uses the prayer shawl when ministering, as a symbol of God’s love.

We wrap it around people when ministering, to them, to give comfort and to encourage that person to focus on God. Keep in mind, wearing the prayer shawl does not mean God will hear your prayer better. It is a tool to facilitate the wearer to separated him/her from any other interferences, while turning to God in earnest and heartfelt prayer.

There is nothing magical or superstitious about its use.