Pastor Vincent & Sandra

Associate Pastors of A.G.M

When I bought my family to join Amazing Grace Ministries in 2008, I had no idea that God was bringing me in-line with what was ministered over my life as a high school student. (We had the privilege of seeing both our children Chandre and Grant getting married as well as our grandsons being dedicated to God in this ministry).

In 2011 both Sandra and I obtained our Theology Degrees. Although I completed my Pastoral studies in 2012, I continued to serve the secular industry as a business owner until 2017. During 2017, God moved me into the fulltime ministry bringing to pass that high school prophecy. 

For the past 5 years I’ve been tutoring Theology and Counselling as part of our ministries drive to raise a new generation of God fearing men and woman to be revealed into ministry. In the ministry I function in the Gift of Teaching, and as a teacher of the gospel my desire and roll is to equip the people of God with the Knowledge of God’s word.

I see our ministry more as a healing centre because I am driven with an internal passion to see man’s primary relationship being restored between God and His children. As a product of teen mentorship I have this burning desire to instil godly principals in family relationships based on Hosea 4:6, not only due to the lack of knowledge but more so, should God forget our children as per this passage, a generation would be lost in our blood-line.

The current highlight for me and Sandra is to serve as a couple in the Somerset West branch and being a blessing to the ministry gives us great joy and pleasure.